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Did you have a really great meal at a local restaurant?  Was the food good, but the service was lousy?  Did you have an experience that caused you to say "I'll never go back there again?"  Let us know about it and we'll publish your comments online.  Just e-mail  Let us know if you'd like to remain anonymous.

Amigo's Mexican Restaurant (by Tabitha)
"Very good Mexican Food and nice thick steaks.  Chimichangas are very good.  Nice atmosphere.  Margaritas are the bomb!  I loved everything I have tried there."

Burger King-Cleveland (by Anonymous)
"This has to be one of the most poorly run fast food restaurants in the universe.  The staff is either indifferent or surly and the orders are often screwed-up.  And half the time, it seems like they are out of something - no Coke, no jelly, no napkins, it's always something.  This is a definite sign of poor management.  Unless you are starving and there's nothing else open, there are far better places to eat."

Captain D's-Cleveland (by Sam P.)
"The best there is when it comes to fast-food seafood.  A little on the greasy side, but still quite good.  Unlike most fast-food places, the staff is generally friendly and attentive."

Catfish Cabin-Boyle (by "Carnivore")
"You wouldn't expect a catfish place to have great steaks, but these folks serve up some of the best steaks in the Delta.  Plus, the catfish are great and the fried shrimp are excellent.  Be sure to try to homemade potato chips."

KFC-Cleveland (by "Chicken Lover")
"Another example of a poorly run fast food place.  Customers often stand at the counter waiting while employees talk or argue amongst themselves.  The tables aren't clean and the lighting is so bad it makes the place look dark and dingy.  But they do have good sweet tea."

Pizza Hut-Cleveland (by Anonymous)
"The day I went, they didn't even have the salad bar set-up at 11:30, even though they start serving lunch at 11.  They also hadn't bothered to make any tea.  For the longest time, the buffet itself was bare.  When I complained, the girl said 'we're doing the best we can", but that's not good enough when you're running a restaurant.  Another example of poor management.  Next time I want pizza, I'm going to Kroger and get a frozen one.  There's much less aggravation to deal with."

Popeye's-Cleveland (by "Chicken Little")
"The best there is when it comes to fried chicken, but service is slow.  Tables are typically dirty"

Southern Grill-Cleveland (by Anonymous)
"Good food and lots of it.  Just like granny used to make.  The staff is friendly and the service is good."  [The Southern Gill is now closed].



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